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Pritchard Amps History

The Pritchard Amps combined the Deja Vu dual track research and merged the two lines of amplifiers into a single line of amplifiers. A prototype of the basic amplifier was built, but suffered from a reoccurring failure of the magic Burr Brown operational amplifier. Before Burr Brown, then recently purchased by Texas Instruments, could inform me that these failures were the result of a failure of an old, discarded process, Pritchard reviewed the character of the two lines of amplifiers because critiques had often claimed that the simplified technology actually sounded better than the exact technology. So Pritchard compared his two technologies, now with the full realization that engineering thought is a poor predictor of musician appreciation. This comparison ended by questioning the artistic value of the venerable high-gain 12AX7.

Pritchard Amps uses with machine assisted manual techniques for all of the manufacturing to

  • precisely cut and glue plywood panels to form cabinets that are later sanded, painted and covered with a two-tone Tolex.;
  • machine and engrave .125-inch aluminum sheet, then form and weld it into an amplifier chassis;
  • form and machine spring reverb shields and other metal parts;
  • wire and test the mains power circuit for safety;
  • assemble and test the Voice Knob™;
  • assemble and test printed circuit boards; and
  • assemble and test the whole amplifier.

By keeping the whole process internal, Pritchard Amps retains control over the production, and can consequently, better improve product quality and better serve the discriminating artist.

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Pritchard Amps
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