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  • "Eric was extremely kind and helpful"
  • "It [Sword of Satori 1-15TB] is extremely loud for 60 watts...because the Tunnel Back cabinet is so efficient."
  • "all the harmonic content, sustain and balls of my best tube amps without the weight."
  • "smooth and expressive, not piercing and painful."
    - Michael Magnuson,

Eric: Dear Al,
What do you think about my amps being the beginning of a new amplifier paradigm?

Al: Hummm, the amps "are" the new paradigm. Finally did a gig last night that wasn't an XLR out to the board gig, or a studio thing. So I was able to open the thing up for a change. I'm liking the clean sounds more, I was backing up a fiddle player on some ballads and the tone held together very nicely and yet when I pushed the preamp with my TS80, a Tube Screamer, the amp sang, nice controllable upper harmonics. Just really nice. Its the only amp I have ever owned that everyone "always comments on. Your whole amp is the new paradigm. I predict a slow build to a resounding cresendo.

I just "came up for air" after three hours in "the dungeon". I'm BLOWN away! I won't need any "30 day trial" - I was sold after 30 minutes! It actually sounds "rounder" and less compressed than my Bluesbreaker; categorically NOT like a SS amp! I haven't spent much time "gettin' my learn on" with all the different controls/settings, but with all the knobs at 12 noon, "Boost" on, "Input volume" at 3/4's, and both channels dialed into "M" for Marshall, the thing is everything I'd want in an amp! Individual note and string articulation is mind-blowing; controlled feedback - NO problem! Also, each guitar sounds like itself (and different from each other), which is one thing that I've noticed to be missing from other SS and modeling amps I've played. The "S" for solo and "V" for Vox voicings are full and great-sounding too; I probably wouldn't have much need for the other voicings. The " F" Fender tone is too "flat" for my tastes.

I'd recommend the Sword of Satori with the 12" TB (tunnel or open-back) cabinet; as far as volume level goes, this thing is loud enough to play a stadium! And it sounds good turned all the way down, too!
- Joe Ganzler, Les Paul Forum

I did a show a few weeks ago and had to use the house Twin Reverb, because of load restrictions, man did I miss the Satori. That Twin just couldn't compare, and it was a good Twin not an Evil Twin.

I'm heading to Europe in the early Spring to help support a release I'm on. I'll have a different cartage amp, the "amp of the day" at every venue, and I'll be hurtin' for certain. - Allen Watsky

If ever there was a Nobel prize for work done in regard to amps and tone, especially based on solid state, EP [Eric Pritchard] would get one immediately. - TheGrooveking, TheGearPage.net

"Another thing thats great is any type of pickup sounds great thru the Pritchard, I've played teles, strats, Pauls, a Reverend slingshot custom with p90's they all sound great."... "It is impossible to get a bad sound out of this amp."..."This is no one trick pony like most amps out there." - Posted by Gamaliel on Harmony-Central.com

"I had a chance to hear nearly the full line of Pritchard amps at a "Gearpage ampfest" a couple of months back - I thought they sounded almost exactly like tube amps, and good ones at that. Blindfolded, I couldn't have known the difference. They're not cheap, though still somewhat less expensive than tube counterparts. Pretty lightweight for their power ratings too." - Gordon, Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue

Gerry Attanasio discussed buying a Pritchard amp with a friend, who thought Gerry was totally out of his mind to pay two grand for a solid state amp. But Gerry studied the Pritchard Amp website, listened to the demo clips, listened to the Guitar One Magazine demo clip, and bought a Sword of Satori 1-12 Tunnel Back™. After playing through it, it became obvious that the amp exceeded his expectations. So the next day, he visited his friend with his new amp. After listening to and comparing the Pritchard, the verdict was that the Pritchard was indeed a “magic amp.

"I've never gone 6 months without buying more amps since I got on Ebay in 1998. My Pritchard amp has kept me from getting a new amp for 18months. I still get GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) all the time, but I play my Pritchard a then GAS is resistible" - Carlton Hobbs, TheGearPage.net

The aspect of the amp that I find so intriguing is the feel of my guitars in my hands when I play through the Pritchard. It's not a tube amp, not a transistor amp or a tube/transistor hybrid. It's something different, and better than all 3.

Another thing is that the amp sounds "better" on the gig than it does in the practice room which is the opposite of most amp situations. You know the drill. You dial in the perfect tone at home, go to the gig and find that your tone was an illusion. Well not the case with this amp. It's an instrument in its own right.

All in all it is my favorite buy of '04. After all these years it's good to find products that are innovative and exciting, that work well and enable artistry. Considering what you get I think it's a bargain. How can you put a price on inspiration? - Al Watsky

NYC Tone Fest

chi - “I met some amp builders... Eric Pritchard (monster tones from SS amps, esp. that one with 12-inch and 5-inch speakers)”

riffmeister - “And speaking of the Pritchard - definitely had its own thing going, and I thought it sounded wicked good!!!”

trisonic - “Pritchard amps...are truly outstanding amps (of any kind).”

scottl - “Eric, which model was the one Andy F and I checked out?? [Sword of Satori 4-10 Tunnel Back™] that thing was amazing!! Really organic... It would have fooled anyone for sure!!! Kudos”


"Pritchard amps produce a warm, clean and full-ranged sound that is ideal for stringed instruments of all types, even electric and acoustic-electric violins. I was especially impressed with the way the Pritchard amp picked up my Tucker Barrett 6 string electric violin. Keep up the fine work!" - Alan Oresky, performing and studio musician

"I wouldn't sell my Pritchard amp even at the current new prices, because then I'd just have to buy a new one." - Carlton Hobbs, Satisfied owner and player

“Those amps really sound good, fat ass sound, sweet, round with great tone definition. If not better than any boutique amp, then at least as good.”
- James Lott,
Sun Studios chief recording engineer

In his Jazz Times Review: "Aside from the amazing fullness of tone, I was also struck by how tight and articulate the Sword of Satori sounds. There's never any flab, and chord-work always sounded concise and punchy....Guitarists in need of excellent amplification and possible life-changing experience ought to seek one out."
- Russell Carlson, Jazz Times
Full Review

"I would recommend the Pritchard Sword of Satori to any working guitarist who has a wide range of stylistic needs" - Mike Kennedy, Jazz Improv

"Every player needs a Pritchard amp" - Tom Johnson, Lead guitar player for
Humble Pie, Tzer, The Impressions and Chuck Berry

"The Ultimate Guitar Amplifier" - Bob Miles, Jazz Improv Magazine and Miles of Music Television show
Full Review

"The Tele through this (F) voice would pacify the vintage Fender tone connoisseur." - Trent Salter, Musicians Hotline Full Review

Eric has done more research and knows more about tube circuits than anyone I know. In the process of recreating the tube sound, he has created an amplifier with a unique voice like no other. The amp is quite lyrical and has amazing sustain. You gotta check out this amp !!
- Winn Krozack, PRS Guitars, Research and Development

"Eric has worked incredibly hard over a long period of time to understand the dynamics and inner workings of tube circuits. He is in the rare position of being not only a very skilled electrical engineer, but he completely understands both discreet/solid state/op amp circuitry and physics as well as tube amp circuitry and physics. The most recent [amp] I played through sounded great. I could easily use it in concert and no one would believe it wasn't a really good tube amp."
- Paul Reed Smith, PRS Guitars

"Eric, asked me for a quote. But the only thing I feel like doing when I get home from my practice is playing my Sword of Satori." - Dr. E Paul Quarantillo III MD.

“I ran into Eric Pritchard (who worked with Paul in the early days, refer to your PRS Book) this weekend at a guitar show in town. He has just started Pritchard Amps, I think this was his second show with these. What tone! He was also nice enough to let me play a PRS Paul built him in the 80's through it! Check out www.pritchardamps.com. Cool new product!” - Carey Cox, PRS Forum

“Very impressive! I played through one for a while at the Atlanta Guitar Show and liked it enough to order. Eric got it to me today and I am blown away at what a quality amp this is... I was able to go from a smooth jazz tone to a hot lead with endless sustain. A great new amp. I highly recommend!” - Carey Cox, PRS Forum

For those of us who have long sought after a solid-state amplifier that can produce those rich, elusive, full harmonic tones that our tube amplifiers of the past used to produce (without resorting to microprocessor based sampling systems or multiple effect devices) there is finally a tube emulation solid-state guitar amplifier which provides exactly that. Pritchard amplifiers combine the low volume warmth typical of the tube amplifiers of the past (a characteristic that is still very desirable for blues and jazz) without sacrificing even one moment of that high energy, balls-to-the-wall sound that is needed for rock & roll. Eric Pritchard's amplifiers are the answer to the question "when is someone going to build a solid-state amplifier that sounds like a tube amp?" Well guess what, Eric Pritchard has done just that!
- Jeffrey Meyer <jmeyer515@msn.com> [owner of a Sword of Satori in a 1-12 closed back cabinet]

I can honestly say I have not enjoyed an amp this much. Every week I seem to stumble on a great, and I mean GREAT tone! Thanks for putting in all of the years on these amps, your work has paid off. - Carey Cox <Carey_Cox@msn.com>

“After many years of playing through tube amps and trying countless solid state and more recently, modeling amps, the Pritchard Amp has what the others have lacked. These amps have the full tone and 3-D sound that is missing from previous attempts. Another strength is how versatile these amps are. You can go from smooth jazz tones, warms leads with endless sustain, to screaming leads. With the Practice Jack™ you can do all of this at home! Thanks to Eric, the tube amp has been retired (along with all of the repair costs) and so has the endless search for one source for a broad range of tone!” - Carey Cox <Carey_Cox@msn.com> [owner of a Black Dagger 1-12 Tunnel Back™]

Pritchard Amps give me control over a huge variety of tones, which are all warm. The power is amazing. The soul of these amps is like a fine red Bordeaux. My satisfaction a scale of 10 is an 11. - Pete Gordon, Berkeley Springs, WV [owner of a Sword of Satori in a 1-12 / 2-5 Tunnel Back™]

I had a ball watching you [Tyrone] demo them. And I was definitely quite impressed with these amps, even when I played through them. - Twitch, PRS Forum

They are expensive for production amps, but very cheap for boutique amps. I demo 'd with my Gibson L7C, PRS Hollowbody II, Nocaster, and Strat. The amps could do anything from clean warm jazz to blazing liquid lead tone. - Tyrone Shuz, Fender Forum

I'll join in to say that the Pritchard amps were pretty impressive.
- Dan Gardner, PRS Forum

“I remember Tyrone saying he'd be at the Pritchard amp table, and it was very nice to meet him. I probably could have stayed there all day and listened to him play. I did try out one of the Pritchard amps, and I must say, I was very impressed. I am not in the market for an amp, but if I were I would absolutely give these strong consideration if it were in my price range. They are not cheap, but I would say they are very much worth the money. And they have an excellent "practice [jack]" feature, which allows for great tones at lower levels. A built in attenuator if you will, but this is not a tube amp. But I don't think anyone would know by listening. Very versatile amp, clean to nice crunchy gains, and does the bedroom/basement volumes great. Couldn't open it up [show rules], but I'm sure it can handle the high volumes very well also.” - Twitch, PRS Forum Post

I cannot tell you how many jaws dropped when we mention the amps have no tubes. These amps are not "fantastic considering they're SS". They're just plain great amps, period. - Tyrone Shuz, Fender Forum

The "L" voicing is very smooth, creamy, and articulate. That's the most "D"[umble]-ish voice, and could be construed in that ball park. With my HB II, it sounded more "D"[umble]-ish than the Carlos tones on the sample above.

The "F" voicing seems to the the best "D"[umble] clean tones, because the "D"[umble] cleans are really an "F".

I own a '66 Bassman, and sold a '64 recently. Bassmans are much closer to Marshall Plexi than traditional Fender. The "M" voicing will work fine for this tone.

As for Trainwreck, the "M" voice gives you that kind of crunch, very dynamic, especially with a closed back cab. The "V" voice comes close to some 'wrecks as well, but I think it has a tad less gain, it's more like an AC-30.

Let me reiterate that Eric's amps are analog, and since he's emphasizing the "back end" distortion-wise, you get all that randomness and liveliness we all love. And it /feels/ right, because it ain't digital. There's no feeling of a "middleman" like the modelers give you. Eric's amps are extremely responsive.

Quote from Tyrone Shuz in a discussion of various famous, highly regarded amps versus the Pritchard Amp - guitarfunk@hotmail.com www.funkyguitar.com

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